A public online event and video featuring students sharing some of their work from Sarah’s multidisciplinary Winter 2020 class dedicated to climate change at the University of Regina.

Students shared work from the multidisciplinary course, “Engaging Climate Change: Creativity, Community, Intervention,” that Sarah developed for the Winter 2020 semester at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, the April 11 public event that had been incorporated into the syllabus was moved to take place exclusively online. It was an honour to have the event hosted by Now What?!, an online platform designed to bring people from around the world together on issues of climate change for virtual conversations and new modalities of participatory dialogue in service to initiatives for change.

Students presented on a range of topics and in various formats exploring climate and personal change, human impacts, Indigenous perspectives on life and land, reconciliation, and the interconnectedness between all species and Earth. Their work includes eco-friendly photography development, a singalong of an original composition, a primary educational school mini-unit, a personal reflection on being a climate activist, reconsideration of an essay from a new perspective, a carbon footprint survey, a motivational speech, considerations of animal and nonhuman welfare, audio art, video, digital photography, sculpture, and actions for change.

Each student presented for 5-7 minutes. After all the presentations (about 90 minutes), audience participants could move between breakout rooms to visit the students for more discussion on their topics. The blog post for Now What?! features more information on what the students presented.


That was great ! I was really touched by all of these young people. What a world they are coming into. I was really touched to tears a couple of times. And how wonderful to see you at work , so beautiful and skilled and helping them to become conscious of the challenges  and of their own creativity. So, thank you, Sarah, I loved it !
(Joyce Bethune, Regina, SK)

Facebook event page


Lauren WilsonChanging the Box, reflections on personal change video

Mika AbbottPunctured (Prairie Landscape), digital photographs and scanned images, 2020 webpage

Kaitlin KrasushaarGrades 2/3/4: The Climate and Interdependence lesson plan blog page & materials

Esperanza Sanchez Espitia – Animal Resilience in Times of Climate Change video

Support for the online hosting of Field Trip: Changing the Climate event was gratefully received as a grant from the Sustainability and Community Engagement Fund at the University of Regina.

MAP 300AQ/400AD: Engaging Climate Change: Creativity, Community, Intervention, is a multidisciplinary course that explores climate change and environmental concerns, with a focus on resilience, community, Indigenous perspectives, science, artist engagements, local/global projects, and thinking outside the box in the face of change. Assignments are applied and/or artistic explorations of course themes.

This course was developed and taught by Sarah Abbott, Associate Professor in the Department of Film, Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina. It will be offered again in the Fall 2020 semester.


Layers of event image: 1) Caribou by Esperanza Sanchez Espitia; 2) “Iceberg near Bylot Island” by susanvg, Creative Commons.
Image design by Sarah Abbott