Produced, written, directed, shot and edited by Sarah Abbott unless otherwise noted.

gestures toward Plant Vision, (10:08, colour, stereo, Canada/Italy, 2021)

Engaging Media and Indigenous Youth (12:40, colour, stereo, Canada, 2014)
Cinematographer/Editor: Matt Yim

This Time Last Winter: The Making Of,  (13:30, colour, stereo, 2013 Canada)
Cinematographer: Mathew Howard
Editor: Matt Yim

In the Minds of All Beings: Tsogyal Latso of Tibet (21:00, colour, stereo, Tibet/USA/Canada, 2011)
Producer: Jnanasukha (
• Shot on location in Central Tibet

Pam & Bryan’s Denman Garden (3:00, Super 8, colour, separate sound, 3:00, Canada, 2010)

This Time Last Winter (25:00, colour, 5.1/stereo, Canada, 2010)
Award: Best Actress, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, 2010 (Danna Henderson)
Broadcast: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) (2013 -)
Principle Cast: Danna Henderson, Ian Brodland, Cheryl Jack, Erroll Kinistino
Producer & Co-writer: Sarah Abbott
Director & Co-writer: Ann Verrall
Cinematography: Mark Dobrescu, CSC
Editor: Jackie Dzuba
Music Composition: Ramses Calderon

Out In The Cold (30:00, Super 16mm/HD exhibition, colour, 5.1/stereo, Canada, 2008)
Awards: Mayor’s Arts & Business Award for Innovation, City of Regina, 2009; Best Special Effects, University of Toronto Film Festival, 2010; Honourable Mention, Fiction Short, University Film and Video Association, 2013
Nominations: Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association Showcase Awards (SMPIA),
2009 – Editing, (Sarah Abbott), Performance – Male Lead x 2, Original Score, Post-Production
Special Effects; Best Live Action Short, American Indian Film Festival, 2008.
Broadcast: Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) (2011)
Cast: Gordon Tootoosis, Erroll Kinistino, Mathew Strongeagle
Producer & Editor: Sarah Abbott
Director: Colleen Murphy
Writer: Cheryl Jack.
Cinematography: Ivan Gekoff, CSC

Tide Marks (97:00, colour, stereo, South Africa/USA/Canada, 2004)
• Shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa

Patching (21:00; colour, stereo, USA/Canada, 2002)

knee level (7:00; colour, stereo, USA/Canada, 2002)
In collaboration with Tanya Boggs

here (mixed media, colour, stereo, USA/Canada, 2002
12 minutes single channel; looped multiple screen installation

My Heart The Prophet and My Heart The Lunchbox (1.45 each, colour, stereo, USA/Canada, 2001)
In collaboration with Jeremy Drummond

looking back to see (19:30, colour, stereo, USA/Canada, 2001)

rug (18:30, colour, stereo, USA/Canada, 2000)

The Light in our Lizard Bellies (8:00, 16mm, B&W, mono optical, Canada, 1999)
Dance film with choreography, performance and sound design by Susanna Hood; Hand processed by Sarah Abbott
Award: Honourable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2000
• Selected for Experimental Works for Educational Environments, DVD compilation published by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. 2005 Toronto.
• Selected for Independent Short Film in Canada 1967 – 2002, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre’s 35th Anniversary Tour
• Selected for Special Edition Compilation DVD published by The Journal of Film and Video, University Film and Video Association. Volume 54, number 1. 2001. (juried selection)

Why I Hate Bees (4:00, 16mm, colour, mono optical, Canada, 1997)
Awards: Best Canadian Lesbian Short, Inside Out, Toronto, 1998; Grand Prize – Cabbagetown Film Festival, Toronto, 1999; Honourable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2000
Broadcasts: Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) (1999-2000); The Knowledge Network, Vancouver (2000); Showcase Television, Canada (2002); Pride Vision, Toronto (2002); WYBE-TV, New York (2002); Independent Film Channel (2003)

Froglight (3:30, 16mm, B&W, mono optical, Canada, 1997)
Award: Honourable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2000
Broadcast: Women’s Television Network (WTN) (1998–)
• Hand processed by Sarah Abbott

my withered tomato friend (9:00, 16mm, colour, mono optical, Canada, 1991)
In collaboration with Michelle Harrison.
Award: “One Star,” Canadian International Film Festival, 1992