Produced, written, directed, shot and edited by Sarah Abbott unless otherwise noted.

Engaging Media and Indigenous Youth HD, colour, stereo, 12:40, 2014
Cinematographer/Editor: Matt Yim
This Time Last Winter: The Making Of HD, colour, stereo, 13:30, 2013
Editor: Matt Yim; Cinematographer: Mathew Howard
In the Minds of All Beings: Tsogyal Latso of Tibet HD, colour, stereo, 21:00, 2011
Producer: Jnanasukha (
• Shot on location in Central Tibet
Pam & Bryan’s Denman Garden Super 8, separate sound, 3:00, 2010
This Time Last Winter Red One Camera, colour, 5.1/stereo, 25:00, 2010
Award: Best Actress, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, 2010 (Danna Henderson)
Broadcast: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) (2013–)
Producer & Co-writer: Sarah Abbott
Director & Co-writer: Ann Verrall
Cinematography: Mark Dobrescu, CSC, Editor: Jackie Dzuba, Music Composition: Ramses
Calderon. Principle Cast: Danna Henderson, Ian Brodland, Cheryl Jack, Erroll Kinistino
Out In The Cold Super 16mm production/ HD exhibition, colour, 5.1 / stereo, 30:00, 2008
Awards: Mayor’s Arts & Business Award for Innovation, City of Regina, 2009; Best Special
Effects, University of Toronto Film Festival, 2010; Honourable Mention, Fiction Short, University
Film and Video Association, 2013
Nominations: Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association Showcase Awards (SMPIA),
2009 – Editing, (Sarah Abbott), Performance – Male Lead x 2, Original Score, Post-Production
Special Effects; Best Live Action Short, American Indian Film Festival, 2008.
Broadcast: Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) (2011)
Producer & Editor: Sarah Abbott.
Director: Colleen Murphy. Writer: Cheryl Jack.
Cinematography: Ivan Gekoff, CSC. Cast: Gordon Tootoosis, Erroll Kinistino, Mathew Strongeagle
Tide Marks digital video, colour, stereo, 97:00, 2004
• Shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa
Patching digital video, colour, stereo, 21:00, 2002
knee level digital video, colour, stereo, 7:00, 2002
In collaboration with Tanya Boggs
• One camera placement, shot over three days with elaborate continuity planning.
here mixed media, digital video, colour, stereo, 2002
12 minutes single channel; looped multiple screen installation
My Heart The Prophet and My Heart The Lunchbox digital video, colour, stereo, 1.45
each, 2001. In collaboration with Jeremy Drummond.
looking back to see digital video, colour, stereo, 19:30, 2001
rug digital video, colour, stereo, 18:30, 2000
The Light in our Lizard Bellies 16mm, B&W, mono optical, 8:00, 1999
Award: Honourable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2000
• Selected for Experimental Works for Educational Environments, DVD compilation published by
the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. 2005 Toronto.
• Selected for Independent Short Film in Canada 1967 – 2002, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution
Centre’s 35th Anniversary Tour
• Selected for Special Edition Compilation DVD published by The Journal of Film and Video.
University Film and Video Association. Volume 54, number 1. 2001. (juried selection)
Dance film with choreography, performance and sound design by Susanna Hood
Hand processed by Sarah Abbott
Why I Hate Bees 16mm, colour, mono optical, 4:00, 1997
Awards: Best Canadian Lesbian Short, Inside Out, Toronto, 1998; Grand Prize – Cabbagetown
Film Festival, Toronto, 1999; Honourable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2000
Broadcast: Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) (1999-2000); The Knowledge Network,
Vancouver (2000); Showcase Television, Canada (2002); Pride Vision, Toronto (2002); WYBE-TV,
New York (2002); Independent Film Channel (2003)
Froglight 16mm, B&W, mono optical, 3:30, 1997
Award: Honourable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2000
Broadcast: Women’s Television Network (WTN) (1998–)
• Hand processed by Sarah Abbott
my withered tomato friend 16mm, colour, mono optical, 9:00, 1991
In collaboration with Michelle Harrison.
Award: “One Star,” Canadian International Film Festival, 1992