Upcoming / Past Talks + Film Screenings

Talks and interviews based in Sarah’s research involving the sentient relations of trees, sentient ecologies, nonhuman knowing, eco-empathy,  public/multispecies ethnography, Indigenous perspectives, plant science, interspecies communication, the climate crisis, and screenings of Sarah’s films. more >

March 2024|

Engaging Climate Change Class

Information, awards and public offerings associated with the course “Engaging Climate Change: Creativity, Community, Intervention” initiated, developed, and taught by Sarah at the University of Regina. more >

May 2022|

“Filming with Nonhumans”

Sarah’s first solo book chapter, “Filming with Nonhumans,” published in editor Phillip Vannini’s The Routledge International Handbook of Ethnographic Film and Video. more >

April 2020|

Field Trip: Changing the Climate

A public online event and video featuring students sharing some of their work from Sarah’s multidisciplinary Winter 2020 class dedicated to climate change at the University of Regina. more >

April 2020|
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