Upcoming + Recent Tree Talks

Talks based in Sarah’s doctoral research on the sentient relationality of trees, public ethnography, Indigenous research methodologies, and philosophies associated with the nonhuman turn.


“A Change of Focus: What Happens when Trees Speak,” MAP Presentation Series, Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina, March 26.


“Trees and Humans: Vulnerabilities in Equitable Relations and Interspecies Communication,” Clashing Vulnerabilities conference, hosted by Engaging Vulnerability, Uppsala University, Sweden, May 13-14 – postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“Tree Talking and Collaboration: Toward Restoring Equitable Relations and Earth’s Natural Systems” in the session “Can the more-than-human speak? Other ways of knowing in interspecies communication,” American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Denver, April 6 – presentation recording made for online session due to COVID-19 social distancing measures.


Response to keynote address by Sandra Semchuk, Telling Difficult Stories: Local / National / Global, Graduate Mini Symposium, Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, University of Regina, October 7

“Indigenous Methodologies for an Ethnography of Trees,” Indigenous Research Showcase 2019, University of Regina and its three federated colleges, First Nations University of Canada, Campion College, and Luther College, September 26.

“Tree Talking: Vulnerability in Nonhuman Inquiry and Representation,” Keeping it Honest: Vulnerable Writing conference, hosted by Engaging Vulnerability, co-organised with the Nordic Wittgenstein Society, Uppsala University, Sweden, August 23.

Secret Gardens Tour, New Dance Horizons, Regina, Saskatchewan, July 14

“Rethinking the Forest: Tree Sentience, Relationality, and Environmental Empathy,” Evolving the Forest conference, Art.Earth, Royal Forestry Society and Timber Strategies, Totnes, Devon, England, June 21.

“Provoking (re)newed ways of knowing trees and nonhumans” Provoking Curriculum conference, Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, University of Regina Centre for Teaching and Learning & Faculty of Education, March 16.


Mitchif Medicines Retreat for Dancers, The Crossing, near Batoche, Saskatchewan, September

Secret Gardens Tour, New Dance Horizons, Regina, Saskatchewan, July

ART 290AJ: Plants in Contemporary Art; Uses, Reflection and Interpretation, Department of Visual Art, University of Regina, June

Link for more on Sarah’s doctoral research.

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