Book Chapter in Handbook of Arts-Based Research

Sarah Abbott and Philip Vannini’s co-written chapter published in Patricia Leavy’s The Handbook of Arts-Based Research titled, “Going public: The reach and impact of ethnographic research.”  The chapter includes writing about ethnographic approaches in documentary filmmaking, with a look at the documentaries How a People Live (Lisa Jackson, 2013), Walking Under Water (Eliza Kubarska, 2014), Happiness (Thomas Balmès, 2013), Life Off Grid (Jonathan Taggart, 2015), and Tide Marks (Sarah Abbott, 2004).

Vannini, P. & Abbott S. (2018). Going public: The reach and impact of ethnographic research. In Leavy, P. (Ed.), Handbook of arts-based research (pp. 689-704). New York: Guilford Press.

Link to book here.

Book cover + header image: Artist unknown.

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