Last Winter

Unable to remember a violent incident,
Iona returns to a place of magic and love to look for answers.

director - Ann Verrall
writers - Sarah Abbott & Ann Verrall
cinematographer - Mark Dobrescu, CSC
editor - Jackie Dzuba
producer - Sarah Abbott

Cast: Danna Henderson, Ian Brodland, Cheryl Jack, Erroll Kinistino

25 minutes, Canada, 2010

Red Camera / High Definition, colour, Dolby E & stereo

SYNOPSIS - A young woman, Iona, cannot remember how the gash on her head got there.  When her mother tells her it was inflicted by Iona's indie rock musician boyfriend, Wes, Iona refuses to believe it. To find out for herself, she returns to his funky warehouse apartment - full of love, desire, magic and the location of her last memory. Through interracial relationships and the healing potential of a talking circle, the film explores violence in young relationships and the moment of choice we face when the urge to be violent surfaces.

This Time Last Winter was completed in May 2010. This was a six-day shoot with the Red One Camera, directed by Halifax-based Ann Verrall and shot by Marc Dobrescu, CSC in Regina, Saskatchewan. Producer Sarah Abbott’s film production students at the University of Regina worked alongside Saskatchewan film professionals during all stages of the film's production. Sarah and Ann co-wrote the script, inspired by the short story Location of the Imagination written by Alice Kuipers.

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